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Happy Starting With A Positive Note!!!!

So, here’s the thing.

What’s the best feeling you can have?

I guess, today I can answer. May be that is not that much of happy feeling for all of you. But as it is for me, so I need to share this with all of you.

The journey started in March, 2015 and this is April, 2015.

The journey of my Writing Blog, Here And Started Connecting My World With Bloggers From All Over The World!!

When I started my writing, I was not sure enough that I will stand ever this much with the world’s best bloggers.

I was clueless.

I was confused.

But still I am enough sure what I want to share.

I just had one thought when I started writing here.

I didn’t want to write any fictional stories or motivational things.

I just wanted to share the thoughts or feelings or views what life has thrown to me, what life has taught me.

And so, this is the reward I am getting.

Just one month journey.

And I have achieved 100+ Followers.


The feeling is awesome.

The feeling is like, I am not enough able to describe it in words.

Just want to Thank You all of you.

Thank you so much for getting 5 minutes from your busy day and stopping by my blog and care to read posts.

Thank you so much for giving me reviews of yours, even you like it or not! Even it makes you feel connected or not!!!

I agree, whoever is here, is not to impress anybody.

But yes, when you get reviews for your doing, it feels good.

So, this is it..

And I will try my best to write more and more.

And hope, I will get more reviews about what I write, even it’s positive or negative.


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