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Introduction : Would That Person Come Or Not.??? (Part -2)


He is tough and mature.

The way he carries himself is like fighter. The light shave on his face gives him kind of serious look. The way he keep his serious look through the whole day or the event he goes gives so many random gaze.

He born and brought up in a golden spoon. The family he belongs to is very rich and famous in the town.

He is nice and sweet. The only hobby of his, Travelling. And this is the only reason that made him way too practical and mature.

He does not believe in future or past. He always creates his present.

It’s not he never had any relationship in his life. It’s just the girls he made in his life, did not touch his soul and so he fade up of all the emotional stuffs anymore.

The thought of having a serious relationships anymore makes him weird or confused.

The one question always in his mind is, “why the people give promises for the life time when they don’t know what will happen in next second?”

– – – – –

The two persons who are afraid to fall in a relationship and still waiting to have a magic.

Would their destiny connect?

Wait, till next post. (Tomorrow, Same Time.!! ) 🙂


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