Randomize Feel..Through Post!

Dialogue b/w Sun & Moon !

a touch of my saint!

Moon :  “I believe I am over thinking a lot lately. Maybe, because they all keep on telling me, how ugly I am and how much they loathe my sight. They call me a pathetic excuse of a insane dark. Do you think it’s my fault? I just want them to be friends with experience and reality. Is it bad that I want the best to happen to them? You know how much I feel guilty when they shed tears from the pain I cause them, though it’s intentional but logically ,sort of in best of their  interests and then later I am pretty sure ,they ‘ll thank me but still…… “

Sun: “Just Relax! I promise to come back tomorrow with new bright morning and a better tomorrow, till then let your darkness bring out the best in them. Don’t blame your features blackness and shadow for…

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