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The Lightning, He Saw In Her…Would That Person Come Or Not? (Story Begins..1)


There was a two days event in the city.

She is the best dancer in the town. And he is one of the organizer of the event.

She looks stunning and elegant. He looks same as, handsome and tough.

She wore a blue sleeveless dress and he wore black jeans, black t-shirt and a silver jacket.

He was busy in his work and suddenly he saw her. She was with her girl’s group and laughing and chit-chatting.

From where he saw her, she looks just speechless. He didn’t see anything or anyone. He just stared at her like he forgets the whole world.

The first thought in his mind when he saw her was, “Wow……!!! She is just Wow..!!! She is the girl, who should be with me only. No one else will ever have that elegance to be with me in my social parties or any function or at my home or anywhere I can go!!!”

The moment when music and dance started, he called someone. Gave him some instructions.

That person is, one of his cameramen. And the instructions which he gave him was, from the crowd of 1500-2000 people, that cameraman has to click her only. The way she dance, how she laugh, every bit of her expression or dance moves, he wants to keep her with himself. He doesn’t want to loose anything about her and so he gave this instruction to his cameraman.

But there she is. Dance and music is the only thing that makes her forget about everything. She doesn’t notice anything. She was just too busy in her group and of course in dancing.

For whole event, he didn’t miss the single glance of her.

But he is the guy. A tough, rich and kind of egoistic guy. So he can’t go straight to her and talk to her. It’s just not his style.

And what he wants to do with her, it’s not clear to him even.

She came in his life like lightning in a rainy night. He behaved like a child in the event. Calling his cameraman and instructing him to capture her only and follow her in the event without coming in her notice, every thing he did was just weird for himself.

And the strange thing is, she didn’t even notice him.

– – – – –

The first day of the event finished.

And his actual work started.

He started to collect all the information about her from his sources and it’s not difficult for him as he is the famous person of the town.

From his sources, he came to know about every bit of her life that she has finished her engineering and finding a good job in the city and she is SINGLE but she is stubborn and tough girl for any guy to get her. She doesn’t believe in relationship ever because of her past and she used to run away from the person who came close to her.

After all the information about her, he thinks a lot and he just smiled because, finally he came to know a girl who is same tough as himself. A girl, who can screw up anyone’s life who tries to double cross her, same as him. A girl, who born to f**k the rule, not to follow the rule, again same as him.

As much as he gets to know her or getting information about her, he just feel happy inside and now he know what is the exact thing he needs to do next. And he is very much confident about his next step!!!

 – – – – –

Next part will show you, what’s his next step towards her. Wait..That will blow your mind.!! 🙂


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