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Dialogue b/w Dream & Reality (Part-1)

a touch of my saint!

Dream:  “I am tired of being jerked around all the time and guess what, who have torned them into pieces, all along was none other than you.  I wish, I knew it, from the start. You! You!! Brutal obnoxious piece of shit. I am not even sorry for this blasphemy any more. Mind you! Before you start pointing out how bitter I am acting now, it’s solely because you have destroyed me with slow kill! Yeah! You indeed got succeeded in getting me away from my twins Love and Fantasy. Why don’t you call for a toast now? Don’t you dare smile at me with the entire venom still breathing in you? Everybody kept on telling me we can’t be together but then I was plain mad in getting enamored with your sugary chatters. Will you stay quiet, or need a punch to utter something before I lose my…

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