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Destiny Collides, Finally!! Would That Person Come Or Not? (Story Begins,2)


Exact 10 days later, she got a call from a guy about scheduling an interview in her city and she heard about that company even in the last event she went with her friends. She scheduled her interview with the Manager directly as she was shortlisted candidate.

Interview held about one and half hours. But actually, that was not kind of interview even. At least she didn’t feel that. As in starting it was like a normal interview but after that it was like normal talks between two friends meet each other after a long time!! 😛

But the face is, she got that job and she joined the profile from the very next day.

– – – – –

The life of both going smooth. She is working in his office and he likes to stare at her.

Slowly they became friends and their destinies collide with each other.

The things between them are very much clear between them from starting only. No emotional strings, no mellow-drama or anything as past relationships.

– – – – –

The things are very much clear between them but their destiny decided something else for them.

One day, she got a mail from the institute of Bangalore where she applied for her further studies before she joined his company.

She wanted to finish her further studies but he wants her to keep her with him.

He gave her thousand reasons to stay there in the city and not to go for her studies except that main reason, He Loves Her.!!!

She just wants one reason from him that he loves her so he wants to stay in the city with him.


After having a terrible fight, she finally decided to leave the city and join his further study as she does not want to sacrifice her career for someone else and repeat her one mistake again which she made in her past!!!!

Fate made them apart from each other…….

 – – – – –

Would it be the end of the story or it’s just a start of a new story??? 

Will he confess his feelings ever to her, that he fallen for her from the very first moment he saw her ??

What their destiny decided for them????

Wait till next part….


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