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Happy Birthday GUJARAT!!!!


So, here it the thing..

A 54th Birthday of my state, GUJARAT!!!!

A place which I feel the safest place for me.

A place which gives me the strength to explore myself.

A place which is rocking same as me.

A place which is on the way to get more and more success.

A place which is not jumping or running in the process of developing but it is just walking to develop itself in a every manner it can!!

The place where I belongs to and I cannot imagine myself at any other place!!!

– – – – –

Somethings are in the Gujju world, i want to share and then you can see, why you should meet a Gujju once in a life time!!! 🙂

  • We can take jokes easily and laugh a loud even it’s on us only.
  • You can find Gujju in any corner of the world.
  • We can call every second person of the street we meet as ‘Kaka’ only.
  • We have our own different pronounce like, ‘dilli’ instead of Delhi or ‘jhava’ instead of JAVA or ‘jerox’ instead of Xerox 😛
  • We can call every different noodles as ‘Maggie’ only. 😀
  • We can sell anything to any person!!! 😀
  • The festivals of ours are the best either its Uttrayan or Navratri!!
  • We always like to have fafda and jalebi instead of boiled vegetables or pastas or any other thing for snacks!!
  • We can do ‘garba’ on any song you choose.
  • We are the masters of Bargains.

These are the things which I am happy to admit that I do all of this!!!

And still I can say, I am proud to be GUJJU.

Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY GUJARAT!!!!




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