Stories..By Me.!/ Inspired Me.!

Doubts??? Uncertainity..?? Would That Person Comes Or Not ? (Story beghins,3)


Finally she left the city and went to banglore.!

3 months…!!! And still she is waiting for his confession and he is not confessing his love.! Everyday, they were chatting, video calling and having lots and lots of fights over on same topic why she left the city..!!

Both are in inner their hearts know that both are in love with each other. But none of then wants to accept it to each other.! That is something makes their relationship weird.!!!

– – – – –

One night, she was having talk with him and he aaid, he is not able to talk to with her for long time as he is having a party with one of his friend.! She didn’t like that but ahe agreed.!

After sometime, something struck in her mind that while she was talking to him, she is getting some terrible noise of vehicles, like he is going somewhere else.! And she knew her city.. That much traffic voice she never heard before.!

She called him, he didn’t pick up her call.! She tried 5-6 times but same result.!! After a mid night she got his call and he said, with whom he wemt for party, he is fully drunk and so me too even. She felt, he was fully drunk and she didn’t cut his phone till the time he did not reach his place.!

After a while, he said her, he reached home and now she can sleep.!!

– – – – –

She cut his call but she was not able to cut her thoughts. Again and again only one thing came to her mind that is he lying?  Because her gut feellings was so hard that she wants to trust him but somehow she couldn’t..!!!! In her thoughts, when she was asleep she didn’t know.!!!!

– – – – –

Why she was getting this kind of doubts?  What is the reality..? Her gut feelings or his words???

Wait till next part..!!



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