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Want To Confess To Him.But I Won’t! Would That Person Come? (Story Begins,4)


Next day even his phone was getting switch off only.

She was feeling restlessness. She was upset. Still somehow she managed to keep herself up and went to her institute to attend lectures.

She is in her class but her mind was having so many thoughts about him. She is getting doubts on him because in last 3 months she felt that he is there in the city with another girl and he is cheating on her. As she didn’t confessed her feelings to him that she love him, she can’t even say that he is cheating on her. Because, in reality they are not in a serious kind of relationship.

She got a drop of tear in her eyes.

She is missing him. She badly wanted to tell him that she is in madly, deeply in love with him. And she cannot live without him. But how can she confess that, when in a start of their relationship both had a deal that no any emotional drama!!!! After all she is a girl and she can’t say this to him, when she already knows his answer!!!


– – – – –

She is just waiting to finish the day to end and have word with him.

12.30 pm, when she is in her institute, she got a message from him.

“Come down to the main road of your institute. I am waiting outside.”

She was shocked. She couldn’t believe what her eyes are reading in the mobile.

He? Downstairs? How? Why?

She argued with him a lot in the middle of the lecture in chatting that he is just kidding only like every time he does.

She was shivering. She get butterflies in her stomach.

After 15 minutes of argument, she finally thought to check that is he lying or he is really at the downstairs.!!

She replied, “Wait, i am coming!!!”

She took an emergency leave from the class and ran!!

Her class was on the 8th floor of the building. She pressed the lift button but she felt it takes too much time to come to the floor.

She preferred to use stairs. She ran like if she won’t catch it she would miss something!!

From her building to main road was about one and half kilometers.

She didn’t look back. She forget everything that the whole building was staring at her. She was somehow tired of taking stairs and running. But she forgets everything.

She just want to see him badly. She was crying while running.

Finally, she touched main road, where he supposed to wait and then her legs were jammed.

She cried there.

She couldn’t move an inch from there even.

– – – – –

What did she see there? He was just joking? or seriously he was there and waiting for her?

Wait till next part!!!!


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