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Love Happens When You Least Expect! Would That Person Come Or Not? (Story Begins, Last)


She was shocked.

She didn’t believe on her eyes. She burst out there. She cried there on the middle of the road.

And there he was!! He was standing there, in front of her, with a bunch of red roses.

She ran towards him.

She was angry. She was happy. She was crying. She was feeling the thing which she never felt that way!!!!

She slapped him when she reach to him. She didn’t wanted to do that. But all she was thinking that he lied last night. He let her go from the city. He didn’t stop her. All she was doing is, just hitting him badly on his cheeks, on his chest. And crying.

After 5 minutes of her this drama, she finally hugged him and cried louder even more and said, “I am sorry, I slapped you.”

There he was, holding her tightly in his arms and smiling  and said, “It’s OK, Chocopie.”

Finally, after sometime when she was back to normal and left his arms, he did something that she never thought!!!!


On the middle of the road…

He bent down on his knee…

Holding a Silver Ring on his right hand,

And said,

“I know, I let you go. I should not do that. I fought with you all the time. I made you feel insecure and jealous. I was wrong. From starting only, I was wrong. I should not do that. I was afraid to accept this thing but now I am very much clear about me, about you and about US. You know very well, I never did this before but I can’t hold myself to do this for you.

I never sure before this, but when you left the city, I missed you like hell and I just wanted to be with you more and more. I wanted you yesterday and today even. I just want to share my whole life with you, baby.

I love you, Honey.

My Chocopie, can you please allow me to be your partner in all your stupid, silly, nonsense crime? I want to have that pride where I can shout to whole world that, YOU ARE MY GIRL!!! Can you accept me sweetheart?”

She was having tears in her eyes. That was her dream. She said this thing once to him that how she wanted to get proposed. She never thought she will proposed like her dream even from the person she loves the most.

She couldn’t say “YES” even from her mouth. She just nodded.

He just slide a ring in her ring finger.

They hugged.

They smiled to each other.

Their world stopped there.

Both forget that, they are standing in the middle of the road and creating scene there. 😀

The thing which both hated the most, they are doing that only..!! Drama, In Public!!!! 😀

They laughed when they realize this thing and kissed each other.!!!!!

– – – – –

Destiny… Luck.. I think, this is the name of it!!

“When you least hope for something, that was the exact time when you get that thing!!! “

– – – – –

Destiny finally gave second chance to those, who lost their faith from it!!


13 thoughts on “Love Happens When You Least Expect! Would That Person Come Or Not? (Story Begins, Last)

  1. Hi Priya I hope you know Gujurati 😀 ‘Su vaat che?’ 😀 Just wanted to say this for this awesome post 🙂 At some point, I thought, there must be some twist but it was a smooth read and feeling and I was smiling throughtout the post 🙂 Thank you for restoring my faith on Love slowly 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yeah the ‘Faithful Friday’ is good 🙂 and I haven’t read Bhagavad Gita but will have to do that because I guess I can learn so many things from it 😀 You’re the first Gujju with whom I am interacting here 😀 There may be others in my list but haven’t talked to them 😉 It feels Home 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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