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What Is Your List???

Yesterday afternoon I was watching a Bollywood movie, ‘Amit Sahani Ki List.’ And I am surprised with the story line. Actually I was not expecting the movie will touch me quite.

As I am in a Search-A-Guy-To-Get-Married process, I know the feeling of having ‘a list’ of your partner. And I guess, this is quite natural for all of us that having a list.

We all know that there is no any perfect person in this world but we still expect our partner to be perfect. And so, we always have that list in our mind to get that perfect person.

Checklist and pencil
What’s in your list?

I just want to share something here. And in last, a question for you!!! 😉

I just have one simple condition in my list and that is the person has to be my best friend for the rest of my life so I can show him the ‘Real Priya Side‘ to him. The way I am with myself, I just want to be the same with him. And when I will find that person, there will be the end of my Search-A-Guy-To-Get-Married process.

And yes, if I don’t get that person in my life, I will have the regret till the last breath!!!

So the question is for all of you, what is your list about your partner. And what will you feel if you feel your listed person is not exist in this world???

– – – – –

P.S. Being in love is not a list. It’s when you feel peace when you’re with that person!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What Is Your List???

  1. Difficult check-list to have, Ma’am…!!!
    Expecting tons of things from a stranger (who will become “the one”) is quite challenging task.. 🙂
    I’ll surely have two list: One which you’ve mentioned i.e. Expectations list and the other one is Acceptance list.. I mean a check-list which shows tons of things which I’d expected but not get so I’ll accept it (If ‘the one’ I get is really “the one”.. 😉 ).
    And finally, I’ll expect that both list have equal particulars.. 😉 😉

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