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Strange Story Of…Potato And Tomato !!!

Today, I just want to share a short story with all of you.

I hope you may understand the depth behind the story.

– – – – –

One day potato and tomato fell in love with each other.

Both want to live with each other.

But when they think about the solution individually, they couldn’t find the perfect solution.

Both was worried.


Then they had conversation with each other one day.

And found a solution.

The solution, after that no one can apart them till this time.!!!

The solution is….

The Ultimate French Fry




From that day, no one apart them from each other!! They finally found the way to live together!!! 😛

– – – – –

The small thing from this story I want to say is,

“The person you love, obviously different from you. But that depends up on both of you if you want to choose to be together in any situation, finding the right solution or want to give up for each other and live as individuals!! “

The choice is yours….. Choose wisely….. And have the snacks of love!!!! 🙂


29 thoughts on “Strange Story Of…Potato And Tomato !!!

      1. hehe!! thats the test !!& once again you proved to be smart …gr8 !! thank you..Btw,,You are the most beautiFUL girl i had ever come acroosed..!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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