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I don’t Deserve To Be In Your Life…Really????

Last evening I was having a conversation with one of my friend.

Well, there is nothing special in that conversation except one thing.

She had a fight with her boy-friend and after the fight, there is one thing he said to her,

I think we should break up. You are so sweet to be hurt. I don’t deserve you. You are an amazing person and I think you DESERVE a better person than me.”

– – – – –


Except this statement there is nothing more to say here.

It’s OK to have fight in a relationship.

It’s OK if you both are having different opinions on something.

It’s OK if you both don’t agree on a topic.

It’s OK if you feel to be misjudged by the love of your life.

But It’s not OK to decide what kind of person the other is.

It’s not OK to be like sacrificing-love-for-other’s-happiness kind of person.

It’s not OK to give feel of you-are-so-called-super-hero in a relationship.

The question I just had in my mind after the conversation was,

Why the person whom we love, thinks that he/she doesn’t deserve to be in our life?

Who gave the right to him/her, that he/she will decide that he/she should not be in our life at least after a small fight?

Why just he/she doesn’t accept that yes, somewhere it’s his/her fault?”

– – – – –

Confused….!!!!! Hope I can get answer from any of you??


12 thoughts on “I don’t Deserve To Be In Your Life…Really????

  1. It’s a clear indication from the guy (as per the dating axioms) that he has found another girl whom he likes more…

    Only thing is that he is a kind human being, that’s why he said such words!

    Still, it depends on the guy…he might get convinced back…or perhaps, I am right!!

    Let me know what happens!

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  2. Arrow released from bow & words releases from mouth can never be returned…”कमान से निकला हुआ तीर और जुबान कभी वापस नही आ सकते “

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  3. every thing is good except the no.6 line…i think its must to decide what kind of person the other is,because then how will you know that the person is ri8 Or WRong for you,in future also…It doesnt matter whether your opinion about him/her is ri8 OR wrong,but you have to judge that person as well as every person..Thats the reason you decide to live with good people rather than bad as you had already judge those people who is good & bad…

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    1. I meant to say, u can not say to the person becaus some mistake that you are good person and you deserve some one better..! That I will choose, that the person is desrving for me or not.! Simple..!

      Thank you for agreeing.!

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      1. ohh!! thats the misunderstanding,i interpret it wrong..haha!!”Yeh toh puri ki puri oolati story hogai!”..yah toh aisi baat hogaki ,koi aapko “free mai Mercedes” de raha ho , aur aap kahe rahe ho,”Nahi,nahi,meri utani aukat nahi ,kyonki muze 4-wheeler nahi aati!!”..LoL!!!


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