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Six Ways You Could Be Blocking Relationships

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Why Am I Still Single?

Check out this list to see if any of these relationship roadblocks are keeping you from building a healthy, loving bond.

Too Busy

Is love on the calendar? If sleep is barely on there, then the answer is probably no. If the workaholic in you is taking over, now is the time to carve out mandatory rest and relaxation. Make room in life to be found.


Old relationship residue could be clogging-up your chances. Try to fight the urge to discuss old relationships (especially on first dates). Resolve issues and emotional baggage before taking the next step.

High Expectations

Keep your standards; just make sure that your expectations are realistic. Don’t let your pre-judgments prevent the possibility of getting to know someone.


We all have a list of what we want and don’t want in a relationship. It might be time to revise and update…

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