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A Simple Question, About Me Or You Or Anyone, Who’s Here..!!

Just about to sleep.. And something bumped into my head..!!!

Just a simple question, and want to have answers from you my dear readers or co-bloggers..!

It happens majority times when we have the solution for other person, but if we may in the same situation, we can not follow our own words..

Is this happening to me?  Or is there anyone else out there, who is facing the same situation…?

“Why we can not follow the same advice what we give to others? “

Friends, just think twice, and then give me an answer..! I really want to know…!!!

Have a peaceful night..!:)



12 thoughts on “A Simple Question, About Me Or You Or Anyone, Who’s Here..!!

  1. Yeah it happens with me too. We easily give suggestions and ask our friends to take a chance and do what interests them. But we cannot do the same because either
    we resist change.
    We have responsibilities.so we step back.

    Everyone faces this situation in life:)

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  2. Because giving advice is something we do out of knowing the other persons’ needs or flows or see that it will actually work for them (And am not saying we don’t know needs or flaws). We are wired in a certain way but it doesn’t mean the same advice you gave out can work for you even though you almost have the same problem. I have tried that before but taking your own advice doesn’t give other people the chance to give an input to your life, maybe it just necessitates the idea that we need others and others need us, hence the whole my advice is not gonna work for me. But you never may be it could we just haven’t tried.

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