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5 things women NEVER tell their men

Totally agree!!! Just one thing I want to change and it’s I would love to tell my person that I hate Cooking! 😛 So, he won’t force me to cook more often!! 😀

Daily InfoNet

Okay, we know the most common one: most women lie about the “O” word. But there are other things besides that the modern woman lies about. Very often!

THEIR first gig

For most adult women, the first sexual experience is unforgettable and probably the best ever. Even if they have not kept in touch with their first man, they remember him with fondness if he did not leave them pregnant and stranded with a baby.

But will they ever tell their man this? Never.

Studies show the average woman lies about the age at which she was disvirgined, adding anything between 2 and 10 years to the age. For instance, if a woman got disvirgined at 14, she is likely to put the figure at 20 to her current man. Men, on the other hand, openly boast about their earlier sexual conquests.

That they check out other men


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