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7 Reasons, You Can Definitely Say, You Love Yourself !!!

So, here’s the thing!!

I am getting the views from my friends from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram that I am self obsessed.

Well, I don’t think that I am!!

But yes, if someone think that I am totally into me, Then I would love to accept it!!

And so, here I am writing about the simple question that Do you Love Yourself?

Whenever you look into mirror, you always feel that there is someone who is looking back at me!!


You accepted the flaws you are having.


You know how to make yourself happy because finally you understand that no one else can make you happy other that you!!


You always loves to hear all the criticism about you and you can laugh at even because you know the fact that you are not perfect, you are a normal human being!!!


You listen everyone but you do what you always want to do!! Because, finally you know what gives you peace in your heart!


You have your own style to carry yourself.


And last, you don’t feel to change yourself for any f**king one.! Because you have gone through a lot and you know what you have learnt so, No More Self Changing!!


– – – – –

So, you think you do all the things which I usually do.. 😉 then my dear friends, let your friends call you Self-Obsessed! But you know, It’s not obsession, its call Love For Yourself!!

Do You Love Yourself and feel happy with yourself?

P.S. : Pictures shown here, originally mine only! 😛 😀


16 thoughts on “7 Reasons, You Can Definitely Say, You Love Yourself !!!

  1. ohh my goodness!!! Last 2 pic..are just awesome,hot & everything!!!& also these can be the 7 reasons for one to like you!!Again be ready,I am coming to pick your “Colgate smile”!!

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  2. Well people call me “you are so full of yourself”.
    To be frank i exercised low self esteem for quite a long time. That in no way helped me, instead deteriorated me. That was the time when no one came to my rescue. It was only me and myself who took the handle in my hands and decided to speed up. And yes am a happy being today.
    But isn’t it obvious ” how can you love others, if you don’t love yourself?”

    Be proud of who you are. Its just that one needs the right attitude. If you have it, flaunt it. Coz if you dont take the charge of your life, there are many who shall pull you back.

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