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Thursday Thunder Thought !

Thursdays are generally keeping me excited as week is almost about to finish!

And I love this feeling of getting one day holiday from work!!

And so I am sharing something which is exactly running in my mind right now!!


Well, before two days when I posted I am taking break, there was something running or you can jumping in my mind!

The questions, are like giving me headache like hell!!!

The situation was worst when I tried to write a post. I wrote the whole article after writing it. And I didn’t find it that much effective even though I wrote, I felt its too boring for a reader. And I deleted the whole article. And posted a new article saying Taking a break!!!

If you are thinking that in this two days, I tried to explore new stories or anything about writing then you must be mistaken!

I didn’t do anything for writing.

I just shared my questions with my parents and luckily they didn’t gave any advice to me.

They just listen to me.

And then said, “We don’t think, we have anything to say. You are a big girl now and you know what is the solution. Just think more about the solution not the problem and you will be good soon.”Ā 

This is the scene at my home every time, whenever I ask the solution for any problem, my parents became so rude and stubborn that they just listen it and say that thing again and again!! Sometimes I don’t like it!!!

Well, I like it or not, but it help me every time. Even this time also.

I chilled out with my friends, with family and did shopping even! šŸ˜›

And I got the solution of my problem even.

That solution is, “Whenever you feel that everything is just messed up in life and there is no way to go, that time you just need to take a break and have fun. Sometimes, it happens thinking about the same thing again and again increase the problem more and more. Every time, every minute, every second of your day, you don’t need to think about the problems you are having. May be there was not that much of big issue what you are imagined. “

And yes, in this two days I have watched again one of my favorite movie Now You See Me, which was the reason behind my this thought also!!!

“The Closer You Look,

The Less You See…!!!!! “

Have a great Thursday!!!


9 thoughts on “Thursday Thunder Thought !

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and take time to read the post! It’s my pleasure to get attention and get new readers!
      Thank you for appreciating my writing! šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much keeping the patience for stopping by my blog and reading the article.
      Thank you for appreciating my writing. I will definitely write more and more on various things! šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Holistic view of anything is always worth it. Why mess up with intricate details when the overall picture is good? Chill out, relax and let go…
    Solutions will come walking to the clear mind always…


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