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A Random Conversation With A Known Stranger!

It’s about last evening.

I had a nice evening.

Because, I had a some strange and random experience which I didn’t have till yet!

I met a person.

A person who is not my friend till yet but he is not even a complete stranger.

A person, who is quite younger than me. But mature than me.

A person, who is kind, focused and knowledgeable.

There was no any specific topic we talked about.

It was the package of random talks.

All we did was random talks about life, goals, magic of life, sports, destiny, our fears and even crack PJs also!!

But after two hours, when the talks were finished, it felt good.

Again, there was nothing special to feel good about it.

Because, there was no emotional bond between us.

But, still it felt good.

– – – – –

After the meeting, in the night I was just thinking about the meeting.

And I conclude, about why it felt good to have the conversation with a known stranger.

“Sometimes you don’t need a person who can guide you or tell you what is right or wrong. Sometimes you just need a person who can listen you and even you like to listen his/her views on random things. You don’t need to have topic to have a healthy conversation. You just need to feel to share your views!!”

Thank you my unknown stranger, for having a beautiful conversation!!  🙂


12 thoughts on “A Random Conversation With A Known Stranger!

  1. That’s really good post. Sometimes we find person who is completely stranger to us but withing few minutes we can share many things which we can not share with our dear ones.

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