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An Awkward Conversation!


A conversation between two friends.

7 years have been passed through and they didn’t talk in that time!!

He : How is your life going on?

She : It’s awesome! And yours?

He : It’s going good. The days we have passed through was so much fun na? I miss those days.

A bit of feel which she does not want to show him, came into her eyes. But she is too good to act!!

She : Yeah. It was a good time. But I don’t think I miss that time. I am happy in this time actually!

He paused for a while, trying to read her face. But he couldn’t.

He (Surprisingly) : Wow!! That’s great. So tell me, what is running in your life which is awesome??

She : Well, there is nothing special running in life. And that is awesome!!! 😀 (She tried to crack joke, in which she is not good at all!!!!)

Actually, I am single. Finally!! And feeling free!!!

– – – – –


There was a time when both were so close to each other. There was the time when no one can made them apart from each other!! But her boy friend had insecurity with him, her best friend! And as a best friend, he made a decision to go away from him after a big fight between her and her boy friend. He couldn’t see her and her relationship suffer because of him!

It’s been 7 years now and still he is not in touch with her! He didn’t know anything about her or her relationship!

– – – – –


He shocked!

He blanked!

He wanted to ask her about what happened between her and her boy friend!

But he still can see the pain in her eyes when she said about her relationship status!

He : Well, that’s good that you are feeling  free. That’s the only thing which matters! 🙂

And he smiled.

She smiled back.

She wanted to say so many things. But can’t!

He wanted to ask so many things. But can’t!

Both hugged each other.

He : Keep flying sweety! 🙂

She : Sure! 🙂

He : Bye.

She : Bye. Hope, you will be in touch now! 🙂

He : Yes, I will!!!!

– – – – –

Reality – 1

He loved her. But didn’t have courage to confess his feeling.

When he saw she, fighting with her boy friend and crying, he couldn’t do anything at that time and he thought leaving her would be only choice to keep her happy!

And he left!

– – – – –

Reality – 2

Her boy friend never trusted her. When he left without saying a single word, she couldn’t hold him!

When she needed her best friend, he was not there.

Even he left her, the fights was not getting finished between both of them!

And then she broke up with him.

And because her best friend left her without saying a word, she didn’t call him once!!

– – – – –

Friends, if you have in this kind of situation. Don’t run away. Don’t go without saying any word. Don’t hide. Don’t pretend. Don’t stop yourself to confess anything. May be you can save 7 years of your life to get your love or friend back!!! 


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