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Little Thing Really Make A Big Difference!

There is nothing theoretical story I am going to say here.

Recently I was doing surfing and came across to a very sweet advertisement.

And how can I forget to share anything with all of you, if I found something interesting!!!

Just watch the clip, I am sharing here.

We listen this statement so many times.

That, “Little things done by us will create a big difference in someone else’s life.”

And yes, I also do believe in this.

And so, the doors of my heart, always open..To listen… To help!!!!

In fact, this thing, gives me a real peace in my heart!

– – – – –

There was a time in my life, when I was in a trauma.

When I was actually in my highly depression time. Everybody tried a hard in my life to make me feel happiness!!! But they failed.

One day, one of my old friend came to me. She just listen me carefully and hugged me.

When she was leaving, I have nothing to complain. because in that one hour of meeting she just said small thing to me,

“Priya, try to remember the days of our college. You were the life of our college. Remember the time of all those friendship days when you get so many chocolates and friendship bends from all of the college students. Not only from the guys but girls even do like to be with you. What was the reason behind that, Priya? It’s because you don’t say NO to anyone, to do anything for them.!!

Remember Priya, there are so many girls out there, who wants to be just like you. The way you hold the situation and the way you get even attention because of your work, no one gets that!!!”

That time was the time of my life, where I really felt, small things done by us, make a big difference in someone else’s life.

It was not about me, it was about that girl, the friend of mine, who created a difference in my life, who gave me a ray of hope in my eyes to stand alone!!!

– – – – –

Tell me about yours, when did you feel that kind of difference in your life??? I would love to listen! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Little Thing Really Make A Big Difference!

  1. Quite an inspirational post. I have also experienced that small statements of important people plays a role in motivating us. One such lady asked my GPA after the first semester of college, and it inspired me to hit back to back 9 pointers in the subsequent semesters. Any such small thing or word can inspire us 🙂

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  2. My four year cousin gave me his weird transformer toy and told me that I would make a ‘cool bumblebee’ because I had given him my last piece of cake. It’s weird, but being compared to a huge metal chunk was endearing in it’s own way. 🙂
    Lovely post!

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  3. Small things do matters. . You’re spot on with that…!!
    I’ve experienced the same as you…
    You know when you feel low or feel sad the best thing (and the smallest too) you want is someone who just listen with no questions asked. .
    And believe me, you feel proud if you can do this small thing for others too…
    So its a bidirectional path that you can choose. . 🙂 🙂

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  4. This is a video which will inspire many children to take care others & to know about poor children situation in this world. Even a small help will be big for the receiver. Thanks for posting it . Priya

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