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Do You Do Enough For Someone Else?

First of all, It was a great time I had in my cousin’s wedding!!

Thank you so much all of you to get time to come here in my blog though I was not updating anything!

Love you all! ❤

– – – – –

The time when I was not here and enjoying marriage, I came across a video. A short video!

And obviously, if I feel something inspiring then how can I not share that with all of you!

Watch video carefully, specially who lives in India or whose roots are in India!!!

I insist this because, who are connected with India, know very well that this kind of situation is very rare you can see, where we dare to stop for someone else, where we hold for a moment to help someone else!!!

Watch video! And feel the pain of someone else and try to think once, do you do enough for someone else? Really?

I have the answer for myself.

And yes, I don’t do enough I agree. But I don’t close my eyes when I see someone else need me!!!

What about you my friend??


6 thoughts on “Do You Do Enough For Someone Else?

  1. Yes… i have did… and,, i will be doing good deeds…

    But, what i have believe now is that if you give poor a Bread, they will survive a day…if you teach them a skills to work, they will survive life long…
    Its up to us now.. we wanna do something for someone for a days or for a life time…!

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