Daily thought

Just Once!!!


It always happens with everyone.

We try to avoid someone else’s expectations. But we failed.

We have our dreams, desires, wishes and everything.

But, we don’t follow our heart because of our family pressure or thinking about so called society mindset or any reason.

But, sometimes we fail because of other’s expectations and this is the bitter truth you can say.

Are you still facing that chain around your leg or better I should say, around your heart / dreams ??

Do you want to do something / don’t want to do something, but hold your wish so tightly inside that it actually suffocates you?

My friend, just once have the courage.

Just once, try to break that chain from your heart.

Just once, try to get that positive energy for your dreams.

Feel the freedom, just once.

Have that satisfactory smile on your face, just once.

Try to live moment without any regret, just once!!

Just Once My friend, Just once…give wings to your dreams and fly!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Just Once!!!

  1. We live our lives in the shadow of others and also to fulfill the dreams they had but were never realized. People need to dream about a future they want to see not what someone else expects. Its like the story of a father wanting his children to carry on in his footsteps. Doesn’t always work like that.

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  2. So true! I know so many people who are trying to fulfill dreams that their parents couldn’t for themselves and will probably wait for their offspring to try to fulfill theirs. It’s like a vicious cycle. It has to end.

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  3. Totally agreed…and yes, I tried that…i gave wind to my dreams…and it dived in the perfect direction

    It works really…All you need to do is just to give some time to your thoughts!

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