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Do You Dream? Believe In It?


I know, the destination where I want to reach its still too far!

But, I know one more thing and that is, I am so near to the destination from where I was yesterday!

I dreamed!

I started working for it!

I started believing on my capabilities!

I started walking!

I refuse to take rest from the path which leads me to my dreams!

I found happiness!

I achieved so many things!

I lost so many things!

I learnt a lot!

I  did my best!

I am doing my best!

And I will surely do my best!

The dream is so near now to achieve!

And I won’t stop!!!

– – – – –

What about you? Are you believing in yourself???


11 thoughts on “Do You Dream? Believe In It?

  1. No, I don’t believe in Self!
    There is no good end to that.
    People who are too deep into the ‘I’ (Self-centered thoughts) tend to get depressed (because feeling more and more lonely in their self-centered life.).
    I believe in someone, but not in self!


  2. Dreams…
    Well, the shortest answer of your question will be:
    Yes, I do believe in my dream/s…

    Let me tell you why…

    “Everyone has their own dream, but it will not be completed without others”..

    Once upon a time, there was a boy living in a very small town. . He was very sincere, studious and kind hearted.. “To become a cricketer for his country” was the only dream he has from his childhood. .
    He work hard.. Really hard. . He even sacrificed his study just for the one reason.. His dream. .
    Finally one day he was the player who hit six to won World Cup for his country. . He did it.. He lived his dream..

    Now let us count how many dreams he fulfilled:
    1) His parents… Who always wish that his child contributes a little to the country. . He did it..
    2) His wife… Who always want his husband to become a brand, a hero. . He did it..
    3) His friends… Who always want their friend to achieve something big, really big. . He did it..
    4) Fans of that sport… Who has a dream to have WorldCup trophy after long time.. He did it..
    5) Obvesly his own dream.. ;);)
    And so many such dreams that he has fulfilled…
    And so many such dreams were fulfilled. .

    He was living his dream.. But was he the only one? No… There were so many dreams fulfilled…

    So my answer is yes… I really believe in my dream / s and I mean it.. 🙂 🙂

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