Daily thought

Random Night Thought


A simple and random thought!

I do believe and trust my destiny, which half created by me with my choices!!!

Do you respect yourself? Your choices?  And your decisions?

Do you feel the same thing that ypu deserve the very best of something???



4 thoughts on “Random Night Thought

  1. yes… i wanna be product of my decision,… m gonna make my decision… and gonna follow my decision… and gonna experience its result… either it will give a success or lesson… \

    I believe, actually being in safe side is the most risky side…. as like not taking a risk is biggest risk.

    there is no doubt about that someone would worth less than his dream… they can be according to their dream…

    An initial step of respecting any human generation is to respect your self… take a full responsibility of your self… be a totally accountable of your actions…

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