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Some Relations Hold Our Hands Without Demands Or Complaints!

Love you, Maa!

Everyday my mom made tiffin for me, as I am too much lazy to make tiffin for myself.

Before two days, as some of you know, we were busy in my cousin’s marriage. My mom was not actually feeling good. And I forced her not to make tiffin for me and promised her that I will take lunch from office canteen, though I don’t like office food.

The next day, actually I had work load like hell and I didn’t get enough time to having a sip of water actually. I forget about to having lunch.

After a while, I was getting phone calls from my mom and I was so much busy that I a cutting her call again and again.!!!

With full of irritation I picked up the phone call on the fourth time and without listening her talk, I started yelling that why don’t you understand on first time as if I am cutting phone everytime that means I am busy. You should wait.

Mom knows me very well that when I feel hungry I shout like hell! After a pause, she asked, ” Did you take lunch? Did you eat anything?”

I lied with surprisingly shocked expression, “Yes mom, I had just before sometime. Why, what happend? Are you OK?”

Mom with sign of relief ,” OK good. Nothing happend. Actually I was having lunch and suddenly the piece of roti chocked in my throat and I couldn’t eat anything. Somehow I felt that you didn’t eat anything so I was calling you to remind you that you need to eat something.!”

I said with a big smile, “Sorry Maa… I lied. I actually forgot to have my meal as I was busy in my work. You eat. I am going to have mh lunch.! Love you maa.! “

Mom : ” I know my gudiya. Love you too.! “

– – – – –

Sometimes in life, we forget to celebrate little things to achieve something big!  But truly said, LOVE IS THE ONLY NEEDED THING TO LIVE AND CELEBRATE!



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