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I Like The Smell Of Rain!

Enjoy the rain!

After a long time I felt it.

Two days ago, I was on the way back to home.

It was raining.

Me and Deesha, one of my colleague was about to leave and the atmosphere was like having rain!

Two girls, leaving office, after a terrible work load.

It was like feel of peace when it comes to the getting wet in rain.

We actually forget about we are on the office premises and we should have some office discipline.

We just drop our begs in the bus and start enjoying rain.

The feel was awesome as we both were in the time of our childhood when we forgot about our school and just wanted to enjoy the rain.

We forgot about our work pressure and office tension!

The rain.

The smell of rain.

The childhood kind of activities..throwing water to each other and enjoying just that one moment.

While in bus, we just enjoyed the slow music and we both wrote our names on the window of the bus!

Priya & Deesha!!!!

So kiddish, right?

But sometimes, I guess, its good to be kid and enjoy the moment!

Love you Deesha! ❤

– – – – –

This is just a start of monsoon friends!

Be a child again.

Start enjoying Rain!

And feel the happiness!

Have a Happy Monsoon!! 🙂

Start Enjoying! Happy Monsoon!

13 thoughts on “I Like The Smell Of Rain!

  1. Same happened with me and my friend two days back here in Ahmedabad ! It was as if you were narrating my story! 🙂
    Season’s first rains are always magical! Happy Monsoon!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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