Daily thought

Lack Of Communication!


Memorising an old conversation.

A conversation with the known stranger.

Once he told me, “I learnt a lot in communicating with people except sitting in a class and attending classes!”

How true it is!!

We have to attend classes and getting notes which we can already get from Google.

But when we communicate with person, we can get to know about human behaviour, body language, face reading and so many things except theoritical knowledge.

– – – – –

The biggest problem in current time is, we don’t communicate with each other.

We miss something, we want to share something  we want to confess something or anything. But we either too much busy in our lives or we are affraid of something.

Lack of communication.

Either in business, or in a personal relationship.

Spoils everything.

Don’t miss a chance to communicate.

Either in person or anything else.

But, have conversation.

Start communication.

It might solve half of the situation.

Good night my friend.



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