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Respect The Past Relationship!


She got a call.

For one second, she was hesitated to receive the call.

But, life has made her tough enogh to handle any awkward situation.

She know what will going to happen in next 5 or 10 minutes.

Finally she received the call.

She : Hey, hi.

He : Hie.

She : Congratulations for getting married. And I am sorry, I could not attend your marriage.

He : (as usual, in joking mood) It’s OK. Courier my wedding gift. 😀

Both laughed.

Phone on loudspeaker mode. Obviously she didn’t know that!

He : Please tell my wife that you rejected me for getting married.

She hesitated.

With a bit of awkwardness, after a while of pause.

She : Yes, I said no to him for getting married.

His wife : Why did you say no to him?

The flashback of her 2 years of relationship came across to her eyes and she had a drop of tear in her eyes.

– – – – –

The long distance relationship spoiled everything between two of them.The bond between two of them was strong till the time she didn’t leave the town for further studies.

She asked for forgiveness for the thousand times for the thing she never was guilty. But she did because for her, relationship was more than anything even her self respect also.

At one point of time she felt she had done with insulting herself. And she decided to break the relationship rather than making each other guilty and unhappy.


– – – – –

Today, he is married from last 10 days and she is happy for him. But the way his wife asked about her HUSBAND and her relationship made her numb for a while but she is strong enough to handle any kind of awkward situation.

– – – – –

After a bit long pause.

She : Because he made for you. Not for me. I didn’t make him happy the way you would make him.

His wife : So, FOR HAVING FUN ONLY, you were with him and when time comes to stood by each other, you back off?

She : That was not just for having fun. Things didn’t work out between us properly. That’s it! 😥

She : If there is nothing urgent and special then, can I continue with my work?

Both of them : Yes, carry on. Bye.

She : Bye. Take care.

images (1)

– – – – –

” If you love someone and somehow it didn’t work well. That doesn’t mean that relationship was just for having fun only. There could be some reasons, which don’t have explanations.”

” If you love someone, respect the person even the relationship didn’t work out .”



8 thoughts on “Respect The Past Relationship!

  1. I have done a couple of LDR’s before when I was closer to your age and its hard…but in retrospect they probably weren’t as serious as they could have been. I am one where relationships are as much about proximity as anything else.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Touching. . Really touching. . (y)

    Few lines from “No Strings Attached” I won’t to share here:

    “People aren’t meant together forever. .”
    “The worst thing you can do in life is to say no to love..”

    Most difficult thing when we part ways is not getting a moment to say goodbye. . 🙂

    #Respect The Past

    Liked by 1 person

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