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Regrets After Death !!

Last evening..

I had a terrible fight at my office with my senior.

I had to dtay back at the office after having a over time. And I denied.

I just need to go somewhere else. A place where I exactly belongs to. And that means, I need to go to meet my Naani (Grand mom), at my uncle’s place.

From last few days she was feeling weak and I yried hard to meet her but couldn’t get enough time to go there.

And last evening, was the high time when I literally feeling to meet my Naani. I literally had fight at my office and I just ran to meet my her.

I had a great time with my Naani. We laughed, had my childhood talks and so many random talks. We even planned our next holiday also. That was a really great time.

– – – – –

Today morning…

Near about 9 am.

I was again in my office. Busy with my work.

I got call from my Pappa.

” Naani is no more with us!!!!!” 😱😭

I don’t know how to react on that. Because it was terrible news for me. Only one thing coming in my mind was, she just waited fpr me to meet her only and the last meeting was with me only!!!!!

I just left my office and ran to my Naani’s place. And saw her on death bed.!!!

Let me tell you, that was not a good sight. Seeing the loveable person of your life on the death bed, peacefully, calm and having a smile of relief!!!

The person whom I just met before 12 hours and whom I was seeing in front of my eyes in that moment…both are same person but with first one, I can talk to and wirh second one I just can pray for her soul.!!!!

The emptiness in heart was always be there because shebis the person who taught me how to be good to every other person, who is the base of kindness and politeness, who never said NO to anyone for anything just flew away from me and we just have her MEMORIES..!!!

– – – – –


She never wanted to die.

She never complaints about anything.

She was full of life.

She always have smile on her face.

She taught us how to live life simple yet satisfying.

But she left, without asking anything, without saying anything to anyone.

Life is strange, because it always give some unexpressed regrets to everyone!!!

– – – – –

We always run after physical things like moeny, career goals or anything and in that race we actually forget to celebrate our lives. But when time goes we finally found that we get nothing in achieving physical things but we just lost our lives..!!! Friend, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME. REMEMBER, WE JUST HAVE THIS MOMENT. SO DO WHATEVWR YOU WANT TO DO IN THIS ONLY. BECAUSE, SOME REGRETS ARE MEANT TO BE FOREVER, AND THE PAIN OF HAVING REGRETS..IS THE WORST THING!!!


Miss you my NaaniMaa..!!😭



21 thoughts on “Regrets After Death !!

      1. She lived a full life. May she rest in peace. PS: sorry about the all the other comments with the typos….tried to edit but it just sent

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  1. Sorry for your lost queen, I am glad you got the time to spend with her. She helped create a wonderful young lady in you! This earth was blessed with having her and her wisdom and love carry on with you.. You are in my thoughts!

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  2. I lost my grandmother last September and it is something that you can only get over with time. She was very special to me and now that she is gone the world doesn’t seem the same. Our families hopefully offer comfort and when a piece is missing then it hurts. Grace and peace to you and your family during this time.

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