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As all of you know.. I just had a lost in my life. My naani, whom I love the most.!!!

The shock was like hell for me. And I was getting Low Blood Pressure attacks agaon and again!!!!!

Situation is quite under control as of now. But it will take some more time to complete recovery of mine.

The second thing want to share is, I was getting problems at my qork place because of same health issues. So I am leaving my current job in some days.

I am so sorry my dear bloggers that I am disappointing all of you with no any updated posts and daily motivation.

I will back to wordpress in some days soon.

Till than, take care and have a great days ahead.!!

Love… ❤



13 thoughts on “Sorry!!!

  1. Extremely sad to hear about your loss and about the health problems you are facing right now.
    Focus on things that matters now and I am sure that it’ll get alright.
    You aren’t disappointing any of us here.
    Take care,I’ll wait for the next post whenever it comes.

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  2. I like hearing about real life situations like this, its a reminder we all have them and that we are all human. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you will share what you are feeling because it can help someone else going through a loss. Grace and peace to you my friend.

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