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Always Being Judged!

Being Judged

Well, this is happening to everyone right?

When you said something to someone and that person understood something else!

When you meant to do something but the other person has taken it completely wrong!!

Yes, it happens!

No matter at which position are you or what are you doing or what cause you to do something..!!!

People always judge you.

And they criticize you also.

If its matter to them or not, but they do!!!

But what actually matters, how you react on those things.

You just do only two things on this kind of situation.

First, either you turn back and give reply to them.

Or second and better option, you just let them bark on you and keep doing what you are doing!!!

I usually choose second option.

Because its useful. Always!! 🙂

If I would choose first option and give reply to them then obviously i will get two more rubbish things to react on! And this cycle won’t change ever!

And I don’t want to stop my ride just because someone is MISJUDGING me!!

– – – – –

Do not ever give a damn to anyone to stop you.

Either they agree and join you, in your journey!

Or they will choose their own path and force you to join them, in their journey!!

Choice will be yours only!! 


13 thoughts on “Always Being Judged!

  1. Same perception.. Would suggest you to watch Mr.Perfect movie.. Telugu one but with subtitles it’ll give you clear impact for sure 🙂


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