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Drop Of Tear And A Smile!


He was there.

With his wife.!!!!!

She was there too….

With her mom!

She saw him.. With his wife!

It was a strange feeling for her.

Once both had dreamed of getting married to each other and have a happy life.

Somehow that didn’t work out actually.!!

And here is the thing, she was seeing him with his wife, happy!!

She smiled.

Her mother asked, why are you smiling?

She point out at him and said, I am smiling because of him. Once we were awesome with each other and dreamed to be awesome forever, together.!! But I see, he is happy with his wife!!

Her mom understand her smile and smiled back!

– – – – –

A drop of tear was there too.!!

In her edge of eyes.

A drop which shows –

How much she was affected, seeing him with his wife!!

How much she made herself strong enough to letting him go just because of one stupid misunderstanding!!

How much she fought for her relationship and that even with him only.!!!

How much she was upset with him to make her feel guilty for the mistake she didn’t do even!!

How much she took courage to say NO to him for getting marriage just because he didn’t give the respect which she always deserves!!!

How much she handled herself alone to collect all the broken pieces of her heart!!


– – – – –

There was a SMILE on her lips too…

A smile which shows –

She learnt how to survive alone…

And she can stand by herself when no one can!!

She has forgiven him to insult her and she can see him happy without her even.!!


A smile which shows that yes, she was succeeded to heal from the break up!!!

– – – – –

“Nothing is permanent, not even the pain.! Yes, the scars will be there and it always reminds you the past. But its good to accept the fact that SOMETHINGS IN LIFE WHICH ARE NOT MEANT TO BE IN LIFE FOREVER!!”




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