Randomize Feel..Through Post!

New Journey!


Before closing my eyes, for today obviously, 😜 want to share a news with all of you!!!

You all know just before one week I was sick because of so many reasons and I quit my job, was taking rest, and everything.

Before quitting my last job I was affraid because it was a tough decision to quit a job where you created your position but I had to. And I was not sure even what will I do if i quit the job because I have no interviews or new opportunity in my hand and I was taking decision to quit.

But, as I always believe and write here even so many times, just follow your heart and intuitions because that inner feeling never let you down.

So, the happy thing is….

I quit my job and in just one week I got the new offer letter for the position of which I wanted to challenge my self!

This awesome feeling is just something beyond words!!  All I want to rightnow is just, Dancing…!!!!!!!! 😝💃

Thank you so much all of you for giving me support and encouraging me..! Love you all..!! ā¤

Good night!

– – – – –


“Having enough courage to follow your heart, always gives you peaceful smile at the end of the day.!!! “:)



6 thoughts on “New Journey!

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