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Dear Pillow

It can handle your rough throws or kicks even when you are angry and can’t express it to anyone!!!!

Confessions Diary

I can say, pillow is the best friend to every girl..

It gets wet by all those tears, your eyes drop, 😥
It gets hugged by your shoulders in excitement.. 😀

It is used to close your eyes when you are afraid, 😎
It is used to close your ears when thunders scare you.. 😐

Its tender touch is so relaxing in a hectic sunny day, ❤
It gives you warmth in chilly cold weather.. ♥

You use it for a cute pillow fight when happy, 🙂
It takes your punches when you are stressed.. 😦

It gives the greatest dreams, you can ever express, 😕
It hides the deepest secret, you can ever share.. 😡


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