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Yes, I Am A Bad Feminist!

Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist #TED : http://on.ted.com/i15nR

So, I was going through some research on feminism and here I found something interesting about feminism!!!

After a bit of research, I am getting in conclusion that whether we live in India or any corner of the world, there are some problems always be there which, as a woman we all have to face!!!!

Yes, I like pink color, I belive in fairy tales and happy endings of storie and I sometimes get dreams of prince charming even!! 💏

Yes, I am a bad feminist but a good woman and yes, I am proud of being that woman who believe that I don’t need to take sh*t that I am a woman so I need to be like this or that… I am a woman and I am having the equal rights to take decisions of my life!!!!

Yes, I am a woman who made a choice to be brave enough to stand alone and making a path!!

Applauds for all feminists who are proud to be ones !!  👏




12 thoughts on “Yes, I Am A Bad Feminist!

  1. Well you have every right to make you own decisions and find your own path. Somehow it is yet unusual, in every corner of the world and that is a sad. This planet is balanced one but there are some rather funky narrow sighted visions blocking others free space. There is always a problem going on if you willing to see that. After that there is time to prioritize it, and find solution(s). Like every individual, unique..but that’s merely a zen-thought 🌎

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    1. Somethings are not in our hand, like pregnancy and pms to men!! But which things in our hands like freedom for choosing career, partner or anything like this, it should be equal for men and women!!!!


      1. If you talk about ‘Freedom’, then YES! Freedom for all, no matter what sex! I agree totally. Freedom and respect towards each other.
        Maybe just the word ‘equal rights’ is not really what it’s about.
        I think it’s Freedom, that it’s all about.
        Freedom to decide (career, partner…).
        Freedom to choose.
        Freedom to be safe in the streets at all times.


  2. A bad feminist is still her own woman. Feminism denotes women empowerment and what’s more empowering than embracing your true self? Love this post btw!
    Hopefully I can receive a follow from a gifted writer such as yourself (:

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