Randomize Feel..Through Post!

The Weird Part Of Life…Friends!!!



Simple words…..

Yet deeper meaning….

I don’t know what should I say about friendship which never said before…!!!!

I just want to share my feelings here!!!!

Tell me,

Why do feel someone so close to you that you never get bored with them?

Why do you have that strange smile even after years have been passed when something weird click into your mind?

Why do you call that one or two person very first after your break up?

Why do you ping a person with a lot abusive words when your boss fucked you up at times in your job?

ย Why do you feel jealous when that person got engaged to someone else, though you are not in a relationship with that person?

Why do you feel peace after having a small conversation with that person when you thought you completely lost your life game?

Why do you feel more excited after sharing your big ideas to that person?

Why your every celebration is incomplete without that person?

Why you feel that person when you are heart broken and you hug your pillow in the night?

And why do you have smile, while reading it and having that one or two or three faces in your mind with whom you do all these things???

– – – – –

This is something, you can’t explain in words…

You just can feel it…

Because you know,with that person/s you just can be yourself without being judged..

With that person/s, you know, you can be as crazy as you can be… You can be as dumb as you can be.. You can be as weird as you can be…

You don’t scared..

You don’t feel ashamed of being who you are actually with them…

You feel peace…

You feel safe…

And that feeling, is called FRIENDSHIP!!!!

– – – – –

An equation which has no specific formula…

A puzzle, which has different answer with different people…

A weird and unknown wired connection between two strangers…

Some Lyrics…

A Song…

Which never understood by anyone else than that two strangers…

Is called, FRIENDSHIP!!!

Happy Friendship day to all my blogger friends!!!! โค


15 thoughts on “The Weird Part Of Life…Friends!!!

  1. i would say that friendshis are though, and you have to invest in them all these things you have written. But often what we lack I think is self-love. Don’t let melancholia takes over your happy moments with your friends. Rather, make yourself one happy Memory-folder, or something ๐Ÿ™‚

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