Randomize Feel..Through Post!

Yeah, I Miss!


I miss…

Those random bike rides.

Those new roads and turns we have found..

Those random stunts which gave you surprize..

Those chai on high way tapris..

Those unsaid words by our eyes when we are in group and just big smiles..

Those unexpected kisses and hugs which exchanged when I was angry.

Those long late night talks we had..

Those good nights, which I wished you and then slept while hugging my pillow..

Those surprise visits of yours at my office..

Thoss sexy images we had shared to express our feelings..

Those words which describes our dreams and future plans..

I miss… Yeah, I miss these….!!!

Those lies..

Those reactions..

That avoidance..

That insult..

Those tears after a huge fight..

Those sorrys which had no meaning..

That moment…last moment…when I met you to break up..

Those shattered dreams…

Those broken promises..

That emotional break down..

I miss….!!!

I miss, yeah I miss the old me….!!!!
I miss, yes I miss that old smile of mine…!!!
I miss, terribly, that inner peace of mine…!!!
I miss…yes, I miss, really!!!



10 thoughts on “Yeah, I Miss!

  1. Miss the moment/s, miss that person, miss those memories but never allow the feeling of regret (Spacially when its about love) in your heart. .
    Because firstly, love is the best thing we do and secondly, you can’t love someone as much as you can miss them. . .

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      1. This reminds me one of that line of that song of Namste London:
        “Koi dil ne jagah nayi yaado ke liye rakhta hai, koi apni palko par yaado ke diye rakhta hai”….

        Time can heal every wound, we just need to allow it..
        You see, it’s always all about choices. . Choices that we made… 🙂 🙂


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