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Finding Peace, Again, For Gujrat!


Whoever doesn’t know, for them…

From last two days, in whole Gujrat state, riots were there.

Frankly speaking, I won’t comment against anything.

Some people are asking something from government and the government has obvious reasons to disagree to them. There is two sides of story, always. And as a writer, I will say, I am on neutral side.

Its ok, someone is asking something.. Its ok, someone else is not getting agree to that.

But what is not OK is, the public life is being destroyed and no one is taking responsibilty to it. Its not OK, to damage the things and damage the lives who are not at all involved.

Government will do their part. People will do their part. The all and all damage is faced by the people who are least consult about this kind of thing.

Well, to avoid rumours and everything, government declared the banned of social media platforms everywhere in Gujrat, so I have lost all the connection with the world. But inside my heart yes, there is a fire which says something is going wrong somewhere and I just need to sit and write here only. Inside my heart, i am just praying that who lost the family members, God give the courage to handle the pain. And whatever decisin would be right, com soon so the day-to-day life can start live normal again!!!!

Hoping we get that peace soon!!!
– – – – –

P.S. : After loosing all the connection with all the social media, I actually find that, I can live normal life also with work and family !! 😝



7 thoughts on “Finding Peace, Again, For Gujrat!

  1. Frankly speaking, hurting innocent things and people that have absolutely nothing to solve issues at hand, but rather shows immaturity…violence doesn’t really do anything except create more problems… I understand people are upset, but there are other paths that may be taken, other than violence. … we are not little kids… I think it’s time to be a bit more mature.

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    1. May be its right!! But don’t you think everyone has equal right to have benefits for anything. Or reservation should be based on just iconomy based?? And if it would happen then I think there will be no injustice feelings in anyone’s heart? Don’t you think, the way whole reservation rally went was wrong?


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