Randomize Feel..Through Post!

Is there anyone out, to share this happiness with me?


Feeling so much happy and excited.!

Someone truly said, when you really do hard work for something then definitely good things started to happen..

When I look back now,

Before one year, I was a frustrated IT engineer and was unhappy in job as a Jr. Programmer. I was like that fish who lives in a fish bowl and not in a lake.!!!

I wanted to leave that but was not sure am I right or not.

Finally, three months back I left my job, because the frustration level at its highest peak..and then I started my new job within 5 days as a Social Media Manager and it was a first wow feeling…

And today, I have second wow feeling because I am going to be the PRODUCT REVIEW BLOGGER also, for the same company!!

I know I have to learn so many things but I know one thing I am a step ahead then I was yesterday..!!! And seriously I feel happy at this moment…

Anyone out there to give me company in a dance of joy in a very indian tapori style??  😝

P.S. very soon, I am going to publish my first review !!

Wish me luck my co-bloggers…



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