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Win Hearts, Not Situation

You don’t need to know the language, you can communicate with the feelings and expressions also!

Who doesn’t love Mr bean?? 

Who doesn’t love cartoons???

Did you see ever, Mr been conversing with someone with his words???

Did you observe any cartoon character had connection with their friends or enemies or even viewers?

You don’t need to use the perfect and imoressive language everytime.

You can connect with the people who doesn’t speak at all.

Do you know why???

It’s because they don’t conversing.

They communicate.

They connect with our hearts and soul.

Just try to be as your favourite cartoon character in real life.

Don’t try to find the perfect language.

Just find the perfect feeling to connect and communicate.

When you get connection with someone while you communicate, you win the hearts.

And that’s the only thing, to win someone’s heart, we all want in our lives, right??? 

Have a blessed day.!!!



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