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Are You Repeating Your OFFICE Mistakes???


Who doesn’t make mistakes?

At home?

In personal life?

Well, this mistakes can be accepted though!!

In office?? May be its not accepted as simple as other mistakes.

So, here’s some solutions what you can do.

Case – 1 Again And Again Mistakes??

1. Think, your previous records. And observe, Are you doing mistakes again and again?

2. If yes, then you really need to work hard on finding the right solution. May be you are less interested in your job or something is bothering you personally or professionally so you are don’t concentrate on your work properly..

3. Find the reason, resolve it soon!

Case – 2 Nice Employee, don’t do often mistakes. But this time its f**king big!!

1. Go to your boss and tell him, what you have done.

2. May be he will yell at you an make you feel guilt.

3. Keep in mind, obviously he will do… You did a mistake. So you need to listen.

4. Accept it. Take responsibilities and do not ARGUE!!

Remember one thing, you need to keep calm yourself and try to explain your boss how you made mistakes. He will yell at you because he doesn’t want you to repeat your mistakes.

Explain you boss, what will be your next steps not to repeat your mistakes.

Key Point :

Be Responsible. Don’t run away. And make yourself prepare not to repeat your mistakes!!!

Have a happy weekend!!!


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