Award Series…Brotherhood Bloggers Award

Again with a Award Nomination!!!! Thank you Tejas for nominating me for this award. Feels awkward and special too!! 😛


Well, this is strange but yes.. This is the nomination I have got from Tejas Jani

Go through his blog, you will definitely something unexpected and new things to know, as this award nominations.

Yeah, I also felt awkward when I got this award!! lol.. Brother? Seriously??

So I asked him. Why this award to me? Then he explained, its because he consider me his blogger friend and so he nominated me this award.

I don’t mind actually to accept the unexpected things so I proudly accept the nomination and here I am with the Nominations Rules.


  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the World Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  3. Answer the questions set to you.
  4. Nominate around 10 bloggers. But here I do a bit modification and I am nominatting 3 bloggers.
  5. Create your set of questions for your nominees.

My Answers :

Q 1. What is the funniest memory of your life when you laughed so hard that you could not breathe?

Just day before yesterday, me and my best friend were talking about general gossips about guys and maturity in girls. After an hour, we almost burst into a hard laughter because two childish girls, talking about maturity and its almost from one hour at lease!!! 😛

Q 2. What was the funniest flirting tried on you?

How can anyone will think to flirt with me, when a co-blogger of mine, nominating me with ‘BROTHERHOOD’!!! 😀 😛

Q 3. Reading / Writing / Traveling – Pick just One with reason.

Travelling with reading books and writing experience. I can’t choose one among these!!

Q 4. If the world is going to be hit by a huge asteroid and the earth may be no more after that, what would you be doing in the last hours?

I will be with my family at any place. And in last, I will seriously start dancing because I enjoyed my life a lot!!! 😀 And I am ending my life with no regrets.

Q 5. Suppose I arrange a meet of all the blogger friends one day. What would be your ideas about what could we do when we all meet?

Well, if all the bloggers gonna be crazy like me then we can do a lot crazy stuffs. I don’t feel excited about boring socialized parties!! 😀

My Nominations:

My Set Of Questions :

  1. That one quote which give you the inspiration for your daily?
  2. What is the biggest lie you have ever said to your best friend?
  3. Which is that one thing you want to change about women?

Congratulations and Best of luck!!


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