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Music..That Touches The Soul!!

As you all know that I am from a small city, Rajkot of Gujrat!!

There are very few things which attracts the public and even go viral. One of those things is the Band Mystic Grooves. The young artists and the sense of new trends in music makes the Rajkotians love them a lot.

Today I am sharing two sweet videos which I love the most. And I hope you all would love them too.

The artists who are in this videos are from he band, I was talking about-  Mystic Grooves You can go through their Facebook page and see their updates.

1.The first video which I love the most is from Dhairya Radia

The main thing I love about his singing is he touches the listeners’ heart with his voice and that’s what a real singer does!!

2.The second video I am sharing is the Acoustic Cover by Kanishk Bhardwaj You can go to his page and see his more updates also:

The special thing about Kanishk’s singing is he reminds the voice of Darshan Raval with his lovable and sweet voice. I am definitely sure that he has more female followers than male, as his voice is too romantic!!!


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