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Happy Birthday, Jay Vasavada – The True Inspiration!!

What you can write about the person who is your inspiration?
It’s the feeling when you are on the stage very first time and you are about to give your first public speech on “Maa”!!!

You know everything about that, but still your legs are shivering.
I am feeling the same right now to write about that person, who is my true inspiration!!
I remember the day, when I read the first article written by him and I felt connection with it.
I remember the day, when I feel respect for him when he wrote about the love, the women same way what exactly I feel.

I remember the day, when I first met him at my college function in RYLA,2006-07.

I was so young when I first talk with him on the phone about how I got low grades in my college exam and how I feel to run away from my home.(At that time, I read the article wrote by him where he failed his board examination and how he became the most lovable young gujarati columnist and writer!! And I still have the copy of that article. Not from his book but the original one!!)

And I still remember when I started my blogging journey in last March and I gave him message to thank him.


(Yeah, I know!! I was so stupid to give him message as he knows me very well.!! But truly, I felt as he is my family. I just feel connection with his writing!!)

You never know, how you attract some people by your writing, by your thoughts really until their life won’t change.

That was the one day, when I don’t know the meaning of love or relationship.

And this is the time, when my whole life is on one quote said/wrote by him in his column one day “Don’t blame your love for giving pain because at some day that person gave you the real happiness of your life and you didn’t even thank him/her.”

Thank you so much Jaysir for giving me and rest of all the young people, for whom you are true inspiration. You don’t know may be, but you are like that beam of light for those who forget to trust their journey and lost their vision.

I mention in my message also, and today even! You are the only inspiration for me, because of whom I started writing.

download (1)

Wish you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYSIR. May god gives you lots and lots happiness and strength to become more shinier so you can lighten up more and more lives like me!!

You can check out his blog here : Jay Vasavada


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