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Happy Birthday, Me!!

Popping one question in my mind.

Whom do you love so much in this whole world.?

I think, its not our parents, our siblings, our friends or any other person. Its just US!!!

We do love ourselves so much that we are too liberals for our faults,  too mature to gice advice to others and too smart to defense ourselves…

And so, most generic thing we do when we love someone is we remember the special dates and everything.

What’s more special day than the day you born?

– – – – –

I am always like a child who is excited about birthdays and festivals and the fun and everything.

I usually tease my granny one week before my birthday, “How many days still needs to go for my birthday, Baa? ” she sometimes annoyed and asked me, “Why are you so much excited about your birthdays?  You lost one whole year and still you are like a kid and enjoying.!!! I finally said two days back, “I am happy, Baa. Because last wjole year I enjoyed a lot, learned a lot and make myself stronger. I don’t have any regrets from last year because, I knew I was the best whole year. And so I celebrate.!!! ”

It kept her satisfied, I guess because after that she didn’t ask me anything..😜

– – – – –

So, why did I share such things today?  Obviously, it’s BIRTHDAY TIME!!!  PARTY TIME!!!!

Today also, I don’t have regrets so I am celebrating my birthday!!

Come, let’s have a piece of cake together..!!


Happt BirthDay, ME 😘



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