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An Oath To Make a Better Home For HER!

Drawing Courtesy : tadeles
Drawing Courtesy : tadeles

It’s 21st century.

And the world is growing up day and night.

We succeed to reach another planet of the universe. And may be in future we will be succeed to find the other lives on other planets also.

The news of success in technology, in science, in anything we get on the top of our finger at any place.

And this is huge!!!

I respect. I applaud!

But there is something I am not having respect!!

That’s the thing about GIRL!! WOMAN!!!

I born and brought in India and so I always have complaints about this only that we, women, don’t have enough rights here. And there is a hypo critic society which always be pathetic for girls!!

But when I read some stories, watched some TED Videos from around the world, I felt, we, women from around the world, all felt the same story as a girl, as a woman!!!

There is no corner in whole this world where a girl feels the safety and security!!

There is no any place, where we grow and accept the way we actually are and take the breath of relief.

And why I am writing all this things here today?

It’s 11th October – the international day of the Girl!!!

I know it’s hard to make a better world in a blink of eye!!

But I hope we all take a oath that we build a place call ‘HOME’ in a way that every girl feels the secure at lease there!!

Respect the individuality.

Respect the choices.

Respect the Girl.

Give birth to her, help her to grow, Give her the best education, stop child marriage, stop molesting her, give her the light she is finding, give her the wings to fly and explore her own world and make her feel special and secure!

Celebrate this day with the oath, to give the best home she deserves!!!

– – – – –

Here, I am sharing the video which shows the Indian reality and that’s what we all need to change to make a better world for GIRL!!


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