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The Right Time To Move On!

Clock showing  3.30 in the morning.

She couldn’t sleep at all.

She wanted to sleep. Her eyes were burning. But she couldn’t.

There are a lot of thoughts running in her mind which makes her restless!

A face coming in front of her eyes whenever she closes her eyes.

The face of the person with whom she thought to spend her rest of the life.

Once she cried a lot to be with him. Once she fight a lot to live with him.

Now there was no any chance to rewind the situation.

Yes, she thought he was the perfect and right guy for her.

But the reason she couldn’t sleep at that time is not the broken relationship.

The reason was, she knew she was wrong when she cried for him. She was wrong to see him as a right guy for him.

If he would right for her then why he didn’t respect her?

If he would right for her, then why the looks matters to him?

If he would right for her, then why he insulted her – saying he can’t accept her because she would have been ugly one day.

If he would right for her, then why he needs to lie to her?

If he would right for her, then why he followed her everywhere? And makes her scared.

– – – – –

The feeling of realization is something which makes her feel upset and peace at the same time.

Realization of being with someone wrong…Realization of  having tears for the wrong person… This makes sense of being upset!!

Realization of you have saved yourself one more time to being with the wrong guy…Realization of the feel that your search of being in love with the right guy is still on..makes peace in her heart.

Yes, she is happy and feels peace because she finally knew,  for being with the right guy, It Needs To Be End with the wrong guy!!!


– – – – –

Which is the right time to move on?

“When you know or feel, there is no respect of yourself or for your words or actions, in someone’s eyes or heart, then it’s the right time to forget about the person and start thinking about yourself!”


7 thoughts on “The Right Time To Move On!

  1. Good one..!!!
    It’s always easy in life to part ways from people forever, but you know what makes it freaking difficult is to move on.. And I believe they can never “move on” they only “drag forward”. .!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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