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The Journey Just Started!!!


Every coin has two sides…Every situation has too!!!

Side 1 of the situation : 

Complaints…. Complaints…. Complaints…!!!

Every second person of her life has complaints from her.

Complaints about, not having time to hang out, not talking on phone, not taking initiative to start talk!!!

Yes, she is like this!!

She knows, everyone is right at their place.

She became stubborn.

She became not-so-fun-loving girl or woman her friends used to call her!!

She became bore!

She became BUSY in her life!!

Side 2 of the situation :

There was a time, she was full of life, when she has 100s of friends around her. Her friends used to call her full of energy and fun loving girl.

The time, when she was just popular among her friends.

The relationship she has been once in her life and the heart break from that, makes her realize that she has wasted the most important seven years of her life.

Yes, its too late for this realization.

But its truly said, “Better Late Than Never”

And so,

Finally, she has accepted her complaints and started her journey to follow her dreams.

Dreams, which have given her the strength to smile.

Dreams, which have shown her reality that she is not just common, she can be something which leads to success finally.


The journey just started!!!

And there is much more to explore, leaving behind complaints!!



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