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11 Simple Ways To Go Ahead In Your Career

Whoever my old followers are here, they know very well I s**ked in  my last job. And after joining my new job, the stars of mine are started shining. The feel of joy and satisfaction at its peak.

So, here I am sharing my thoughts, collecting all the things from my last job to current job,  for those who still hanging in the place where they are not happy but couldn’t get enough idea what to do for the happy and fun loving career.



1. Work – Hard + Smart!!

Well, obviously whoever your team mates or the colleagues, everyone wants to get promotion, want to go ahead in his/her career. But the one thing you can do differ from the other is don’t just work. Concentrate on working smart as well as hard even.

You are paid to use your brains and save the time of your team mates.

Remember, You will get good for your good performance. And if you want the BEST, don’t forget to do your BEST!!!

2. Understand the role of TIME!!

There are few things you need to keep in your mind for this precious word called as ‘Time’!!

  • The time you sit on your desk or spent in your job won’t count as your performance. Your performance will be counted on the base of how much you give to your company.
  • Every day you found something interesting which you don’t know and your manager asked you to do it. Don’t hesitate to accept the challenge. Every new project or new task can be your ‘proving yourself’ ground. You just can’t settle on your previous task success. Don’t take rest.

Remember, Do not ever compromise your value. Always find a way to prove yourself at the best!!

3. Keep your charm ON!!

Do you see yourself everyday before leave your place for your job?

Do you ask yourself everyday, if this is the same person coming in front of you now, you feel happy to see him/her?

Just keep this thing in your mind, “always wear that invisible crown on your head!”

Dress well, keep a happy face, smile often – makes you win half of the battle everyday.


Ahaaa, this is something interesting I find in my both the jobs!! And so I have concluded some points :

  • If you are looking for a change and if you have courage than I would suggest, pick the best boss!! Yes, I know you can not expect from your boss to pamper you everyday, every time. But try to find the job where your boss can give you the sky to explore the new things with positive attitude.
  • Do not misunderstand your boss ever. Try to know him by his words, by his action. He/She is the person who has the personality in which he/she doesn’t speak the whole sentence. Try to find the meaning behind his/her half spoken sentence.
  • Who doesn’t know about the conflicts between the seniors and juniors. Yes, you can disagree with your boss. But do not ever try to insult him/her. Respect your boss. Respect the words of your boss.

5.Develop Reading and Writing as your hobby.

This is something, I do everyday and I insist you should develop these two habits.

  • Yeah, we all have our graduation degree or masters or PG degree. But that doesn’t mean you have enough knowledge of everything. Always read. Learn new things. There are plenty of things you still don’t know about. Do not get bored with reading.
  • So, you tried reading. Now start writing.
    • From writing, I don’t mean to write as a writer or author. Just write what you are feeling, your thoughts. In simple words, write down the fights between your heart and mind. Slowly you will find which could make you happy or lazy or upset or motivate you. Then you can literally figure out what makes you positive and what gives you negativity.

6. Meetings!!

Never underestimate your meetings with your boss or your manager or with anyone. Pre-plan your meeting agenda. Share the same with other who are going to sit in meeting. Always be prepare for the meeting.

7. Performance Review!!

Never afraid from the reviews. Performance reviews are the best thing for you to know what exactly your boss has expected from you and what you actually did. This is the best opportunity to know in which things you need to improve.

8. Positive Environment!!

Surround yourself with talented people. Being around with the person who are talented and positive actually motivates you to do the best you can. Either be in the positive environment. Or make the environment positive for others.

9. Emotions!!

In school days, we learnt humans are social animals. And so we have feelings and emotions. But never carry your emotional baggage to your job. Enter your office with the same positive approach in heart and smile on your face.

10. Failures!!

Yes, we all are human beings and we fail too. Its ok, to fail. Take risks, accept challenges. Don’t go for average. Expect just the best from yourself.

Remember, It’s OK to fail. But don’t be afraid to take responsibilities of your failures.

 11. Don’t overestimate yourself.

You do job, you take risks, you get either success or failure, you have arguments with your boss or with your colleagues, you feel low. Agree. We all have this phase in our job. But don’t overestimate yourself. It’s not about you always. It’s about the company you work for. It’s about the team you are in. You are not just an individual. You are the part of the many individuals.

Final Words :

Remember, the best job is not about money you will get or the designation you will get. The best job is in which you get SATISFACTION with what you will do and how you grow yourself and give your 100% to grow your company!!


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